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Today's Car Care Tip: Hydroplaning and Tire Care

What is Hydroplaning?
Hydroplaning is the loss of contact between your tires and the road because of water buildup. When your car hydroplanes, it essentially turns into an unsteerable sled, which is especially dangerous if there are people or vehicles in front of you on the road.

Rain in Colorado means high danger for hydroplaning. Older highways with ruts and non-porous surfaces have a higher occurance of Water puddles...and thus an increased danger of hydroplaning.

How do I avoid Hydroplaning?
  • Worn tires are at a higher risk of hydroplaning, and need to be replaced before they are down to the wear bar.
  • Narrow or Aqua-tread type tires are better
  • Low tire pressure makes the problem worse
  • Slowing down helps!
  • Drive defensively – watch for puddling and danger areas

Handy Car Care Tips and Suggestions

Fluid Colors

fluid-colorsThese are what your vehicle’s fluids look like when they’re brand new and just added to your vehicle. If they’re black, smell burnt, or just past your manufacturer’s recommended service interval, getting these fluids changed can prevent big expenses down the road. Click here to see the fluid chart.

Vehicle Systems

These are diagrams of how all of the integral systems in your car work. From your air conditioning, to your brakes, to your engine, use these diagrams to see how everything works, and why certain repairs and preventative maintenance services are necessary, and can save you money in the long run. Click on any picture below to see a larger diagram!